Laundry Rooms

The building has 3 laundry rooms. Laundry room A is located on the third floor in the A area (opposite to room 80). Laundry room B is located opposite room 150 on the ground floor. Laundry room C is also located on the third floor, but in the C area (next to room 266). Laundry coins are can be bought during the weekly consultation hour (Monday 20:30 to 21:30 in room 225). You can pay for the coins with cash or pin. A coin costs 1 euro and you can buy up to 6 per week, per house number.
In both washrooms the rules are clearly indicated. Take this through!

Bicycle Storage

Bicycles can be stored in the bicycle racks at entrance A, in the indoor area or in the bicycle storage facilities in the basement of the building.
These bicycle stands are for bicycles only. Motorcycles or scooters can be placed in the scooter storage. Please contact the administrator for this.
Due to safety regulations, it is also prohibited to place bicycles on the corridor and for a (emergency) door.

Recreation room De Dong

The building features a recreation area, De Dong.
The committee regularly uses this space to organize activities for the residents of the building.


The common area in this building is cleaned weekly according to the cleaning schedule. The cleaning operations are carried out by VLS. The committee is responsible for complying with this cleaning schedule. If there are any complaints about cleaning then you can report it by sending an email to