To be eligible for a house in residential building Parkhaven you must be registered with Stadswonen Rotterdam. You can register yourself through On this website you can, after you register, respond to rooms, studios or apartments that are available.
You will get your second or spare key from the general manager. This can be done during the weekly consultation.
On working days, you can buy a third spare key at the office of Stadswonen. Out of office hours and on weekends, you can contact the emergency number of Stadswonen Rotterdam, phone 010 24 56 700, to open your door.
This should be arranged with the technical administrator. Please contact him at least 48 hours in advance. The large fence can be open all day until 20:00.
The term of office of the administrators is held in the office of the living committee (Room 225).
The consultation time is every Monday evening from 20:30 to 21:30.
In case of fire always call 112.
After that call the general administrator at 0639089365 or 0639089366.
Are the administrators unavailable? Call Stadswonen Rotterdam's repair bureau for at 010 24 56 700 during the day. Outside office hours, you can reach emergency services via the same telephone number.
Residential building Parkhaven has a central exhaust system. This works continuously and extra during eating hours, which means that a cookinghood can not be used individually.
That the cookerhood does not respond when you turn it on does not mean that the hood does is not work, but that the exhaust system is centrally regulated.
This building has three laundry rooms. Laundry room A is located on the third floor in the A area (opposite room 80). Laundry room B is located on the ground floor opposite room 150. Laundry room C is also on the third floor, but in the C area (next to room 266)
Laundry coins can be bought during the weekly consultation (Monday 20:30 to 21:30 in room 225). You can pay for the coins in cash or via Paypal. A coin costs 1 euro and you can buy a maximum of 6 per week, per house number.
Waste that does not fit into the container, such as cardboard boxes, paintings or small electrical appliances, can be picked up by Roteb.
For them to come and collect your items, you need to make an appointment via the website of the municipality of Rotterdam (see useful links on the homepage) or via the central telephone number of the municipality of 14 010.
With your room keys you can open all main and intermediate doors. Other areas such as laundry rooms and bicycle storage in the basement can also be accessed with your keys.