The residents committee forms the representation for all residents of Woongebouw Parkhaven. The residents committee serves the interests of the residents of the building and forms the link between tenants and housing corporation Stadswonen Rotterdam.
The residents committee is appointed during the residents' meeting and in turn appoints the day-to-day management.

The day-to-day management consists of a general manager, a technical manager and a treasurer, and is responsible for the day-to-day operation within the building.
Within the building, the committee is responsible for monitoring and maintaining a good living and study environment. The starting point here are the residents rules. In addition, the residents committee is involved in organizing residents' activities. They also supervise the tasks of the executive board; Proposing new tenants and handling and handling complaints.

The residentscommittee & the day-to-day management
General Manager Fabian Seket Since sept. 2018 06 39089365
Technical Manager Shelmer Rijsenburg Since dec. 2016 06 39089366
Treasurer Akash Samtani Since sept. 2017
Residentscommittee member Ricky Martinus
Residentscommittee member David Dick
Residentscommittee member Govianni Rosario
Residentscommittee member Tyrone de Windt
Residentscommittee member Sandley Conep
Residentscommittee member Tahir Arrindel

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